Monday, February 5, 2007


It was my long time wish to buy an excellent Adidas or Reebok. Though i have a Fila, i am not satisfied with it. Already i got rough skin on my toe due to the improper sized shoes. So considering all these i wanted to buy a shoe.

There was Adidas up to 50% sale is going on, so i went there on Sunday. I tried various shoes and really got impressed with the comfort and cushion of one particular shoe. when i saw the price i got shocked and kept that aside.

That sales person told me that they have even got costlier shoes up to 17K, and showed that to me. I tried that, my goodness, you should really try that to understand the comfort it gives
you. Anyway, i didn't buy that too (obviously). But i was totally impressed. At last I finalized the 7499 shoe which i kept aside. I got 40% discount.

I was hesistating for a long time (as usual), then i decided and bought. And i used it today during my walk. I really felt the comfort level and cushion. Really i felt it was worth buying that, though my wife and mum told that we could have bought half a sovereign of gold with that money. :)

Its called as adiSTAR control. Check the link for more details.


Linoy said...

Woh Great. It seems that the adiSTAR is a nice and a good choice, Keep it up. Don't hesitate to buy good things like this.

Prasannaa said...

thanks linoy. if you are sponsoring i can even buy that 17k shoe