Tuesday, February 6, 2007

How to read tamil posts and write tamil posts

I understand lot of people (!!??!!??) who read my blog do not have 
tamil fonts and hence they have probelm in reading the tamil posts. So all of them are worried that they are loosing some precious informations.   To help them, i am posting a link to the thenkoodu.com, in which they have described very clearly about how to read tamil posts and write tamil posts.  Please check it if you have any issues with tamil posts.

Well if you cant read tamil posts becuase you dont know tamil, then i will say, Go and LEARN TAMIL



Muthuvasanthkumar said...

I opened that link. But in that link too I can se only questions marks

Muthuvasanthkumar said...

I opened the link that given by you. But I can see only question marks in that page

Linoy said...

Nice One. The links are useful butt learning is a bit difficult any way try and read the tamil posts soon

Muthuvasanthkumar said...

Yes, I can see tamil fonts now